About Us

Established in 2016, Nick’s Comic Strip was started BY collectors FOR collectors.  A small shop for buying, selling and trading.  Meeting other collectors, our amazing staff and the occasional celebrity.  Soon, the space could not meet the demands of our customers.  In 2018, Nick’s moved to its current location on 114 in Danvers, MA.  Our new location offers an open space with a wide variety of comic books, action figures, statues, collectibles and more.  Have something in mind, call Nick’s.  Our staff is well versed and here to help.  We source our inventory from multiple locations in order to provide our customers a “one-stop” shop.  Nick’s Comic Strip has exclusives, limited edition, rare, and custom pieces.  Take advantage of our subscription discounts, pre-orders and loyalty points.  So from one collector to another, Nick’s Comic Strip is here to make sure our customers have fun #coll3cting


Please call or visit us.  We are here to answer your questions, fulfill your orders, and listen to your comments.



The “King of Pops” started with the original pop culture collectible, PEZ. Now he enjoys collecting for others….and being the “King”.



“Vinyl expert” and book enthusiast. Chris has a real flare for universal monster memorabilia.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Massachusetts, growing up listening to copious amounts of music and reading comics…that were not age appropriate.  Having been turned on to music by various sources.  The Grateful Dead and Springsteen from his parents, prince from an older sister and punk from spending summers away at camp.  Chris went on to manage Tower Records in Burlington.  Anyone who worked there knows it was an unique experience only to ruin any form of adulthood.  It was not unlike what is depicted in Empire Records (written by a former employee).  All this lead him here, his never ending love of pop culture nonsense.  Vinyl is Chris’ main focus in collecting.  These days, he sticks with mostly independent horror comics, Elite wrestling figures and more recently Lego Architecture sets.
Top 5 Musicians/Bands
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Neil Young
Tom Waits
Bruce Springsteen
Changes based on mood
Favorite Wrestlers
King Kong Bundy
Jake the Snake
Bam Bam Bigalow


Sales/Book Specialist

Greatest passion is reading Marvel. Oscar is currently collecting figures and classic toys.

Born and raised in the concrete jungle known as New York City where I learn the game. I have always been a collector. From pokemon cards to sneakers, toys to comics. Growing up Hispanic and living in a multicultural atmosphere, I develop a taste for all type of music and hobbies. Some would say I am well rounded. A “closet” Nerd while being a jock, I played many sports in high school. I was the captain of both basketball and football, winning State Champions back to back years.  When it comes to collecting I’m a package collector, sealed in box is my euphoria. I’m a huge fan of Transformers and enjoy collecting G1 boxed figures. Comic books are my passion though. I have been collecting for the past 20 years on and off. Nothing but first appearances and keys. I’m a Marvel boy all the way, but I do enjoy some DC stories and characters. From Golden age to modern age, I’m always reading, researching, and #coll3cting.
Top 5 Superheros
Jean Grey (Phoenix)
Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Brother Voodoo